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Evaporative Air Cooling System


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We are reckoned as one of the most reliable Evaporative Air Cooling System Suppliers in India. The Evaporative Air Cooling System is sourced from the well-reputed manufacturing company i.e.

M/s Seeley International Pty Ltd (Australia)
and is exported to almost 80 countries across the globe.

Evaporative Air Cooling System

The Portable Evaporative Air Cooling System is also considered ideal for the large area, residences, offices, canteens, super markets, hypermarkets, departmental stores, factory sheds, function hall, cinema theaters, auditorium, workshops, mostly where we need highly fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Breezair Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

Breezair Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

Some of its advantages of the Breezair Evaporative Air Cooling System are as listed below :

  • It is an excellent comfort cooling system that offers manifold advantages over conventional air-conditioning.

  • Breezair is a much healthier option as it provides 100% fresh, cool air all the time and doesn't re-circulate it, like in air-conditioning.

  • In areas cooled with Breezair, the doors and windows can be left open and toxic fumes, smoke and unpleasant odors are expelled continuously from the room, making it a fresh and lively place.

  • The energy consumption of Breezair is extremely low, typically eight times lower, than an equivalent air-conditioning system, resulting in huge savings, year after year.

  • Owing to its low energy consumption, Breezair can be easily shifted to small capacity generator or even Inverters, which is not possible with a centralized air conditioning plant.

  • The cost of installation of Breezair cooling system for the larger areas is lower than conventional air conditioning.

  • Breezair is very simple in construction and need very little maintenance.

  • Breezair doesn't uses harmful ODC refrigerants, hence an environmental friendly machine.

Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

Presenting Breezair, the global chance for a natural cooling solution that use evaporative air cooling technology. Cool fresh breeze experienced outdoors can be felt right indoors-in your supermarket, shopping mall, showroom, gymnasium, restaurant & bar, school, marriage hall ,conference hall, shop-floor, creche, canteen, office and in your bungalow and row house.

Perfecting The Art of Natural Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Technology

Inspired by Mother Nature Breezair uses state-of-the-art technology-large cooling pads, a patented water distribution system and a powerful centrifugal fan. Hot air drawn from outside passes through the wet cooling pads. The air is cooled by evaporation and is then distributed through a ducting network optimally designed to cool the entire area.

Unlike conventional air-conditioning that recycles the same stale air, Breezair allows a constant flow of fresh, healthy air. Doors and windows can be left open and toxic fumes, smoke and unpleasant odours are expelled.

What's more Breezair has 8 times lower running costs, resulting in greatly reduced electricity bills. All these advantages over conventional air-conditioning make Breeair the smart cooling solution.

The Promise of Excellence

Seeley International is the world leader in evaporativer air cooling technology. Headquartered in Australia, Seeley International continues to invest in R&D to maintain its leadership position.

The company has production facilities in adelaide and albury in Australia and Phoenix in the U.S. Manufactured to the highest international standards, Breezair assures you of total quality. K.K Nag now brings this world-class product to India.

Leadership Through Service

K.K Nag is one of India's leading companies with almost 40 years of expertise in supporting industries through customised business solutions. It markets and distributes breezeair evaporative air cooling systems through a nationwide distribution network and offers prompt after sales service.

Combining experience with expertise K.K Nag believes in achieving and maintaining its leadership status through superior service.

Advantage Breezair

  • The most cost-effective central air cooling solution. Low running costs

  • Ideally suited for the hot, dry Indian climate and doors and windows can be left open.

  • Virtually maintenance free.

  • Polymer body and components make the machine durable, lightweight and easy to install.

  • Introduce 100% fresh filtered air. No sick building syndrome.

  • Environment friendly. No CFCs used.

  • The preferred choice in over 60 countries. Now over 500 machines installed in India.

Perfecting The Art of Natural Cooling

Breezair, the global choice for a natural cooling solution, uses evaporative air cooling technology. Engineered to the highest standards of quality, Breezeair is efficient. The running cost are 8 times lower than conventional A/C systems and thus reduces electricity bills.

Breezair is light-weight, easy to install and run, and is virtually maintenance free when compared with conventional air conditioning systems. Manufactured by Seeley International, Australia, Breezair uses world class technology supported by relentless R&D efforts resulting in continuous product improvement.

The parts are all manufactured in-house, to stringent quality standards. Meeting CE mark requirements, the cooling capacity of Breezair machines are certified by renowned agencies like NATA.

Application Areas

Application Areas

  • Commercial-Supermarkets, Hospitals, Banks, Offices, Cyber Cafes, Stores, Gymnasiums, Restaurants & Marriage Halls.

  • Industrial-Shop-floor, Canteen, Crèche, Reception.

  • Residential-Row houses, Bungalows, Penthouses.

Technical Specifications of Breezair - EA , ES & TBA SERIES


EA Series

ES Series

TBA Series

Model No.








Power Supply

Single Phase, 230 + 10 V, 50 Hz


Down discharge, EA-120 available in Side and Top discharge also.

Water Pump

Tornado : Centrifugal, 40 watts, 20 LPM @ 1.2m head, Encapsulated Synchronous 2 pole.

Sound Level (Radiated)

Under 83 dBA

Motor Type

Single Phase, PSC (Permenent Split Capacitor) tupe.


V-Belt driven, variable pitch pulley

Direct coupled to motor

Cooling Media

Aspen shredded wood wool

Chilcel® (Celdek) Rigid media cooling pad

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

980 x 920 x 1060

1160 x 1160 x 1160

1150 x 1150 x 902

Speed options available

2- Speed

2- Speed / Variable


Fan Motor (Watts)








Air Flow CMH (CFM)

9100 (5356)

10000 (5886)

10800 (6357)

9520 (5603)

10700 (6298)

11720 (6898)

12240 (7204)

Cooling Capacity* (KW)








Weight (kg)









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