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Microcool Cassette AC

Microcool Cassette without a doubt, the best ceiling AC in India. It offers uniform cooling even in the most irregularly shaped rooms.

Its installation is hassle-free since it requires no ducting. In addition to its decorrative panel that is specially designed to blend into the ceiling, it comes with a compact structure and a host of features like the four-speed fan and Hitachi Scroll compressor.

Microcool Cassette AC

Hitachi Microcool Cassette Air conditioners

With user-friendly design, easy installation and servicing, it is undoubtedly the best in the category.

Microcool Cassette AC

Special Features

They are easy to install and give you high quality cooling and healthy breathing indoor air. The quality of air conditioning makes you feel like you are in the beach or the mountain.


  • Washable/Re-usable filters

  • Self diagnostic

  • Even flow

  • Flexi air control

  • Louver swinging

  • Anti-freezing device

Microcool Cassette AC

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