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Mitsubishi Split AC

Mr. Slim Air Conditioners advanced technologies, quiet operation, high performance...

The Mr. Slim series of air conditioners features a highly effective Cathechin plus air purifying system. The series operates very silently and features a newly designed front panel that will bend right in with fashionable creations.

The wide range of capacity operations form 0.8 ton1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, to 3.0 ton makes it a sensible choice for all types of residential and commercial applications

Wall Mounted Mr.Slim Air Conditioners

Wall Mounted Mr.Slim Air Conditioners

An elegant design combined with compact dimensions and quiet operation make the PKFY-P ideal for residential use, offices and retail.

Noise levels are significantly reduced thanks to a unique airflow passage design that not only makes the unit one of the quietest in the industry, but also suppresses condensation and prevents mixing with secondary air.

Wall Mounted Mr.Slim Air Conditioners

Catechin plus Air purifying systems

Catechin is a bioflavonoid that is found in green tea and has both antiviral and antioxidant properties. With Mitsubishi’s innovative technology, Catechin has been influenced deeply into every molecule of the pre-filter.

This enhances the features of the filter with three main attributes : deodorizing, anti-bacteria-virus and long lasting.

Wide & Long Airflow

Bringing extra comfort to your life, left-right vane can be automatically controlled by remote controller.

Simply use of Wide-vane mode, you can easily adjust direction of airflow to reach any corner of the room.

Wide & Long Airflow

Special Features

  • Energy Saving & Econo Cool

  • Durable electronic metal housing box

  • Anti-rust and Emergency Circuit protection

  • Self-diagnostic function

  • Auto Restart and Wide & long Airflow

  • Super Quite and Powerful Cool

  • Fuzzy Logic ‘1 Feet’

  • Auto Mode

  • Dry Computerised Dehumidificators

  • 5 Step Vane Control & Swing

  • Fresh air catching plus pre-filter

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